Capture Company Culture

Company culture is important for recruiting new employees and clients; the best way to capture and display your company's culture is through professional photography. Happy employees at work and showcasing corporate facilities are some examples of positive company culture. Photographer Rick Davis has been shaping company cultures by photographing executives, from small businesses to large corporations, for over thirty years. Professional headshots can be the difference between getting or not getting the job or client to advance your career. Whether it be for web based content, social media or your companies annual report, every professional needs a headshot. Rick is an expert at capturing your best side, take a look at one of his most recent photoshoots with Guardian. 

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Fox Run Brands Photography

Fox Run is an online retailer selling cooking, baking and grilling tools for the kitchen, covering a wide range of name brands.

In his studio in West Chester, Rick created a series of photographs of the baking tools Fox Run Brands offers, featuring everything from spatulas, spoons and bowls to cutting boards, rolling pins and silicone cupcake holders. Vibrant colors of the cupcakes compliment the sleek marble pastry board; in addition to cupcakes, holiday and seasonal pies add texture to the images. Atop the pies are apliques appropriate for the winter and fall seasons.

The colors and textures of the products are perfectly captured by Rick with natural-looking light to highlight all the right facets of the cookware and baking accessories.  

Italian Curves Ahead!

Red Deno Sports Car Photography

I had the privilege of photographing some beautiful automobiles in studio just a bit ago. A Ferrari 330GT, a Dino 246GTS, and a Ferrari 550 Barchetta. Working with Anthony Sinnott from Scuderia Performante, and some of his best clients;  I created a number of images for coffee table books and decor of these fine Italian automobiles for his beautiful shop in Great Valley

If you or someone you know has a car that they love and love to show off, schedule some time with me for a photo shoot.  My eye as a long time car lover will help bring the story of your baby to life.  Capturing unique angles and playing with light to bring forth the power and grace inherent in your vehicle. 

Red Deno automotive photography
Deno Automotive Photography Steering Wheel Detail Shot
Tire Detail Shot Red Reno Automotive Photography

Handcrafted Furniture | Product Photography with Local Artists

Paul Huberty, the craftsman and owner of Shaker Fine Furniture, called upon us to photograph his hand made furniture for his entry in the Philadelphia Furniture Show. Utilizing our always ready cyclorama, multiple photos were made for use in brochures for the furniture show and website.


Clean Room | Medical Photography

The term “clean room” may evoke many a childhood memory. Channeling the days of chores and allowances, the very existence of one’s social status depended upon whether or not their bedroom floor was free from smelly piles of laundry. But for hospitals, this set of words takes “clean” to a whole new level.

A clean room is an enclosed, sterile area in which contaminates are heavily controlled, and in some instances completely eliminated, to ensure the tools being prepped there remain completely aseptic and free from germs. These rooms are used for packaging small surgical tools (scalpels, forceps, etc.) which go on to be used, in all their sanitary splendor, by trusted surgeons all across the globe.

This panorama depicts perfectly what an active clean room looks like. Sometimes done in multiple shots, a panorama stitches together images with slightly overlapping fields of view to produce one final image. Because of their long, rectangular shape, panoramas are often used as banners, both online and in print.




Meet Homie! I saw Homie talking on his cell phone during a custom motorcycle shoot for Pirelli Tires. He builds fantastic custom bikes and was profiled in the consumer ad we were shooting.

The way he so animatedly involved his entire body in his conversations just begged to be photographed.  I asked him to do his thing in the cyc with his phone.  The result was this awesome personality photos, put into banner format.



The Doctor and His Robot | Healthcare Photography

Dr. Francis Sutter has been a practicing heart surgeon for nearly 30 years. A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, he is currently a master surgeon at the Lankenau Medical Center, part of MainLine Health. He’s received countless accolades and honors in his years as a surgeon and while his repertoire is quite impressive, what brought us to shoot Dr. Sutter is perhaps most striking of all: his sidekick is a robot.

The daVinci Surgical System uses a surgeon-controlled console to perform complex surgeries in a less invasive way. Using this amazing tool, the doctor is able to work inside of the patient in a way using his hands would never allow. This truly amazing technology has changed the way medical professionals and patients alike view these surgeries.

Witnessing such a procedure, let alone filming it, would be amazing for any person. But in the world of medical photography, for me, this was a true privilege. The film and resulting images were the centerpiece of a charity gala celebrating Lankenau Medical Center’s 150th anniversary. Along with the debut of the center’s new logo, the night commemorated 150 years of excellence in patient care and advancements in medicine. Over 550 supporters gathered at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to celebrate and view the film, which can be seen here:



TBT | Steven Tyler's Motorcycle

 Throwback Thursday:

A longtime lover of motorcycles, this familiar frontman hopped on a bike and in front of the lens during an ad shoot for Pirelli Tires, partnered with a small motorcycle company. Shot right outside of Boston, near Mr. Tyler’s home, Steven was a true professional and gave us plenty to work with. His love of these machines was apparent; in fact, he helped design the bike he is sitting on. 



TBT | A Little Bit Will Cure You

Homeopathic remedies are having a moment. More and more, people are turning to natural and organic ways to prevent and treat common ailments. These tried and true concoctions have been providing healing and promoting wellness for generations and despite the controversy they cause, they’re here to stay. 

This throwback still life was shot on 4x5 transparency film for Boiron, the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world. Professionally styled in our studio, this medicine cabinet image was used for trade shows print and collateral materials advocating holistic health and wellness.




Throwback: Mud is more fun with Pirelli tires!

I made these images for Velocity Inc and Pirelli Tire way back in 2006 for a series of print ads and collateral.

Creative brief was simple: get me a bunch of killer photos that say traction and speed.

Did a number of stop motion flash setups and mud in your eye compositions.

Tree climbing for the overhead shot earned me a gold star!