Italian Curves Ahead!

A blogpost on past photographic work in the studio with classic Ferrari automobiles

Handcrafted Furniture | Product Photography with Local Artists

Handcrafted Furniture | Product Photography with Local Artists

Paul Huberty, the craftsman and owner of Shaker Fine Furniture, called upon us to photograph his hand made furniture for his entry in the Philadelphia Furniture Show. Utilizing our always ready cyclorama, multiple photos were made for use in brochures for the furniture show and website.

Clean Room | Medical Photography

The term “clean room” may evoke many a childhood memory. Channeling the days of chores and allowances, the very existence of one’s social status depended upon whether or not their bedroom floor was free from smelly piles of laundry. But for hospitals, this set of words takes “clean” to a whole new level.

A clean room is an enclosed, sterile area in which contaminates are heavily controlled, and in some instances completely eliminated, to ensure the tools being prepped there remain completely aseptic and free from germs. These rooms are used for packaging small surgical tools (scalpels, forceps, etc.) which go on to be used, in all their sanitary splendor, by trusted surgeons all across the globe.

This panorama depicts perfectly what an active clean room looks like. Sometimes done in multiple shots, a panorama stitches together images with slightly overlapping fields of view to produce one final image. Because of their long, rectangular shape, panoramas are often used as banners, both online and in print.


Meet Homie! I saw Homie talking on his cell phone during a custom motorcycle shoot for Pirelli Tires. He builds fantastic custom bikes and was profiled in the consumer ad we were shooting.

The way he so animatedly involved his entire body in his conversations just begged to be photographed.  I asked him to do his thing in the cyc with his phone.  The result was this awesome personality photos, put into banner format.

The Doctor and His Robot | Healthcare Photography

Dr. Francis Sutter has been a practicing heart surgeon for nearly 30 years. A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, he is currently a master surgeon at the Lankenau Medical Center, part of MainLine Health. He’s received countless accolades and honors in his years as a surgeon and while his repertoire is quite impressive, what brought us to shoot Dr. Sutter is perhaps most striking of all: his sidekick is a robot.

The daVinci Surgical System uses a surgeon-controlled console to perform complex surgeries in a less invasive way. Using this amazing tool, the doctor is able to work inside of the patient in a way using his hands would never allow. This truly amazing technology has changed the way medical professionals and patients alike view these surgeries.

Witnessing such a procedure, let alone filming it, would be amazing for any person. But in the world of medical photography, for me, this was a true privilege. The film and resulting images were the centerpiece of a charity gala celebrating Lankenau Medical Center’s 150th anniversary. Along with the debut of the center’s new logo, the night commemorated 150 years of excellence in patient care and advancements in medicine. Over 550 supporters gathered at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to celebrate and view the film, which can be seen here:

TBT | Steven Tyler's Motorcycle

 Throwback Thursday:

A longtime lover of motorcycles, this familiar frontman hopped on a bike and in front of the lens during an ad shoot for Pirelli Tires, partnered with a small motorcycle company. Shot right outside of Boston, near Mr. Tyler’s home, Steven was a true professional and gave us plenty to work with. His love of these machines was apparent; in fact, he helped design the bike he is sitting on. 

TBT | A Little Bit Will Cure You

TBT | A Little Bit Will Cure You

Homeopathic remedies are having a moment. More and more, people are turning to natural and organic ways to prevent and treat common ailments. These tried and true concoctions have been providing healing and promoting wellness for generations and despite the controversy they cause, they’re here to stay. 

This throwback still life was shot on 4x5 transparency film for Boiron, the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world. Professionally styled in our studio, this medicine cabinet image was used for trade shows print and collateral materials advocating holistic health and wellness.


Throwback: Mud is more fun with Pirelli tires!

I made these images for Velocity Inc and Pirelli Tire way back in 2006 for a series of print ads and collateral.

Creative brief was simple: get me a bunch of killer photos that say traction and speed.

Did a number of stop motion flash setups and mud in your eye compositions.

Tree climbing for the overhead shot earned me a gold star!


Throwback: Renzetti Magnarelli Clergy Apparel

In 2009 we had the pleasure of working with the Renzetti & Magnarelli families to photograph their unique clergy apparel.  For three generations, this company has been crafting attire for the Philadelphia regions clergy members.  A portion of the shoot took place on location at their shop on South Broad in Philadelphia.  Where we captured stunning images of the craftsmen at work. We shot models sporting the apparel in our West Chester studio.  This allowed us to light and frame each piece in a way that displayed the craftsmanship the Renzetti & Magnarelli's have been known for over the years.  

Check out the gallery below for some selects from the shoot and visit the Renzetti & Magnarelli website for all your clergy apparel needs!

Client Spotlight: Charles River Laboratories

Recently, the RDP team had the great pleasure of partnering with Charles River laboratories to photograph two of their east coast sites.  The work Charles River does each day helps improve and save lives all over the world.  It was a wonderful experience getting to know the staff and having the opportunity to capture their work in photos.  Rick's extensive experience in healthcare photography lead to dynamic and engaging photos which show the vibrancy of the Charles River team and the top of the line scientific equipment they utilize each day. We hope to work with Charles River again soon and are proud to have photos of their amazing staff and facility now in our portfolio.  

CellBankin- 28.jpg
CellCulture- 33.jpg
ChangingRoomn- 4.jpg

Pump the Brakes!


Enthusiasm for all things cars is never in short supply here at Rick Davis Photographic.  That's why our recent project with Velocity Inc for SBS BrakePads was such a pleasure.  Working with Rob Hudepohl, Creative Director and an old colleague, to showcase the unique and state-of-the-art brake pads being made by SBS was right in our wheel-house (pun intended).  Selects from the shoot are shown here with the finished ad for motorcycle and power-sports publications . Thanks to our friends at Velocity and SBS for the opportunity to shoot these pads.  Hopefully we'll be able to test them on the track soon. 


Cyclorama: Set the Stage for Perfect Photos

The cyclorama is a versatile tool that only a few photographers have at their fingertips.
Ours is pretty special likely the largest egg cyclorama in the mid Atlantic region. Measuring 35 ft x 20 x 11 it has a five foot radius curve in corners, ceiling and floor and is in solid plaster.  It was built by Guy Long, best known for restoring the plaster work in 30th Street Station.  

Before the days of photoshop, perfect backgrounds were required and in the colors specified by the agency. We have painted the cyclorama many times over the years.  

It is perfect for product and still life projects as a background, surface and as a lighting instrument. The seamless surface is fantastic for subtle graduated highlights and controlled midtones as well as shadows for both large and small objects.

Gratz Industries, the recognized premier builder of Pilates exercise equipment, chose us to photograph their complete line and the cyclorama was one of the main determining factors in us winning the client. Light woods, brushed aluminum, stainless steel, leather and natural fleece could all be beautifully lit and filmed quickly and efficiently using the cyclorama. Very little retouching was required for enhancement.  The cyclorama is the right tool for the job of product photography.

Precision and Craftsmanship: Product Photography

With any craft, precision is essential.  I take great pride in the precision and attention to detail I bring to each of my shoots.  A recent shoot for small medical devices showcased this well.  For this layout, I designed my shot for both a print spread and a web banner. I used a Leaf 40 digital camera back on a Hasselblad so depending on the clients future marketing needs this image could be repurposed in vertical format for print advertising, brochures or a large trade show banner.  Lighting was essential to capture the ideal image. I exposed with Broncolor strobes and I made the shadows cooler by using a light blue gel in the over head fill; all while keeping the highlights clean with neutral main light. The finished image was clean, detailed and precise, just like the products shown.  Achieving the right look for each product shoot can be simple, with the right tools.

Product Photos: Visual Advertising

When looking to showcase a product, professional photography is essential.  In order for your product to look its best you need a photographer that knows to ask the right questions.  First where will the shoot take place? On location shoots present a unique set of factors the photographer needs to take into consideration. In studio shoots are more easily controlled but also need to be properly staged to best display the product.  Location influences the type of lighting that will be used, whether it is a manipulation of the natural light within the space or high quality staged lighting, understanding the play of reflections and illumination is essential for capturing the best shot. The size of the product can greatly influence both location and lighting.  Here at Rick Davis Photographic we have the capability to light and shoot products that are minuscule or the size of cars.  According to the budget and creative direction of each project set dressing and props can be utilized to achieve the best look.

Recently, we did a product shoot for food storage containers.  The client required that the photos have the same look and feel that was used in an advertising campaign in Europe.  This influenced the styling of the shoot as well as the framing and content of the final shot.  Using props, studio lighting and a lens that gave depth of field allowed us to achieve the ideal shot.  As you can see, the final shot had room for copy while showcasing the product in its "natural" environment.  Our collaboration with a food stylist for this shot really brought it to life.  Our studio is equipped with a full kitchen which streamlines these types of shoots.  We produced this shot on time and on budget for a very happy client.

Making the Brand: Corporate Photo Library

When communicating your brand to clients a consistent and polished appearance is key.  An essential element of this communication is a visual representation of who you are as a brand.  By creating a brand image library featuring employees and products you will have an arsenal of images at your disposal for all your marketing needs.  We work closely with clients to create images that capture who they are and why their product is unique.  These photos set our clients apart from those in their industry that rely on stock footage by allowing them to feature the people who make their team great and their products in action.  Corporate culture is reflected in the photos taken and they can be used for internal communications such as annual reports and training documents as well.   Click through the photos above to see how we helped Kent Julye of BERG Toys USA to portray himself and his products.

"In Production" : Manatawny Still Works

Yesterday the team had the pleasure of taking part in the Manatawny Still Works distilling process.  Located in Pottstown, PA "Manatawny Still Works is a state-of-the-art distiller of the highest quality, small-batch spirits handcrafted right on the same banks where the natives once drank".  The Manatawny team truly loves what they do and it was a privilege to film them while they worked.  We are looking forward to sharing their passion and story in a unique branding video.  Stay tuned!


Brand Consistency: Annual Report Photography


Through out the years we have had wonderful experiences working with creative directors, corporate communications teams and brand managers at Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and institutions in order to produce photos for their annual reports. Although each had a unique annual report to create and distribute one thing was the same no matter the client.  They needed images that suited the theme and creative goals of the project, top-quality photos created specifically for their needs.  While the allure of stock photos is omnipresent it is essential to create proprietary content for anything representing your brand.  Without proprietary photography the risk exists that a competitor could use the same photos as you for their promotional or internal communication materials.  Rick has the expertise and experience to provide a skilled and smooth production be it local or on the other side of the globe. Whatever your vision for your annual report, a partnership with Rick Davis Photographic ensures that the photos produced reflect the care, creativity and passion you have for your industry.  

Put Your Best Face Forward: Corporate Headshots

As a business owner you want your companies online presence to be as polished, professional and high quality as the products/services you offer.  A key component in building this online presence is having staff sit for professional head-shots.  Your staff can then use these photos for business cards, email signatures, online profiles and on social media. You can use them for brochures, reports and press releases. Lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships are based on individuals, providing your staff with access to professional head-shots allows them to accurately represent your company.  A selfie-stick is not a substitute for a photographer, contact us today to find out how our years of experience can help you put your best face forward!



The newest member of the Rick Davis Photographic team is Ms. Colleen Mullen.  Colleen joins us in the capapcity of Studio Manager, Producer and Editor.  Her production experience ranges from executing educational and promotional corporate video, to filming and editing for weddings and web content, she has served as producer and unit production manager for independent films, shorts and pilots and even worked as a talent service coordinator for the QVC network. 


Her passion for film began at a young age when her and her father would stay up late watching classics like Jaws and Aliens.  She began shooting and editing at 16 years old working closely with some of West Chester’s premiere organizations.  Brief stints in the wedding world taught her how to shoot on the fly, capture special moments as they occur and edit with emotional power.  She is currently working as a freelance producer and UPM for Boathouse Pictures and Twiintone Entertainment, each based in Philadelphia and in pre-production for full feature films.


Her degree in Communications from Villanova University prepared her for the organizational and time management challenges presented by the unique demands of the production world.  She loves hearing people’s stories and using photos, videos and writing to share them with an ever expanding audience. 


Her role at Raick Davis Photographic will span responsibilities of day to day studio operation, pre-production, script writing, logistics, set coordination, camera assitance and post production.  Join us in welcoming her to our team!

"In Production" : Scuderia Performante

The latest production for Rick Davis Cine takes us to the state of the art Ferrari shop of Tony D and Anthony Sinnot, Scuderia Performante.  We've been shooting on location in Malvern with Tony and Anthony to get a feel for how they run their newly formed business.  Incorporating our skills in still and motion we are creating a unique branding film for the pair to display on their website and across social media platforms.  This film will showcase the services they offer and how their 44 years of combined experience make them uniquely well suited to care for Ferraris and other exotic automobiles.  You will get to know Tony and Anthony, who pride themselves on creating a 1 to 1 relationship with all of their clients, and see the passion they share for all things Italian auto.  Stay tuned!