Now Featuring: Lifestyle

Now live on the Rick Davis Photographic website is our Lifestyle section.  Working on lifestyle projects has always been a passion.  Lifestyle photography allows me to tell unique and compelling stories through single images.  Working with real people and models of all ages in various environments brings creative challenges that allow me to stretch and hone my skills.  As always, light plays a key role in the images I find, take a look at my work with bamboo to see how magical the right light can make an image.

Charles River Laboratories

In an unassuming industrial complex on the mainline Charles River is changing the world.  Before the holidays the Rick Davis Photographic team had the pleasure of spending two days photographing the amazing scientists and staff Charles River employs as well as the state of the art technology they use to conduct their research.  The photos captured the beauty and mystery of the problems the Charles River team works each day to solve in order to make the world a better place.    

We can’t predict what the future holds, but at Charles River we continue to kindle the spark that inspired our founding: an urgency to advance human health by supporting our clients’ research every step of the way.
— Charles River Laboratories

Brake Pad Ads

One of my favorite recent projects was photographing SBS BrakePads with my old colleague Rob Hudepohl.  These state-of-the-art brake pads were shot using a light table in the studio in order to showcase the unique design and durability of the product.  Having been a rally car racer I have a great appreciation for high quality car parts and these brake pads certainly fit the bill.  They were a pleasure to shoot and I am looking forward to seeing my work as a part of the larger advertisement Velocity created. 

Functional Design: Finding the Beauty in Trash

It has been sometime since I blogged about the new things happening here at Rick Davis Photographic, not because we have not had new things to showcase but because so many new things have been happening. First up was a great product shoot featuring trash cans made by TM Fitzgerald.  Now I know what you're thinking, how glamourous. But I find one of my greatest joys in photography is finding the beauty in the everyday things we often fail to notice.  These cans allowed me some opportunity to play with light in the studio and create images that display the form and functionality of TM Fitzgerald products.  At the same time these photos are pleasing to the eye and will hopefully catch the attention of an audience wherever they are shown.  

Penn Medicine's Chester County Hospital : Magnet

In November of 2014, Penn Medicine's Chester County Hospital joined the select group of Magnet hospitals.  This is recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, widely regarded as the highest mark of excellence a hospital can receive for nursing quality. "Magnet hospitals have better patient outcomes, higher quality, and greater satisfaction among patients and nurses alike (p. 5)" being minutes away from a hospital that holds such importance on our community is something to appreciate.

All images were exposed with available light and as candidly as possible considering. We covered nearly every departed and nurses station in the hospital. I  was inspired and impressed by the professionalism, warmth and team sprit shown by every nurse I encountered.

Catheterization Lab : Chester County Hospital

Chester County Hospital, which is a part of Penn Medicine, recently renovated one catheterization lab and is in the process of upgrading a second, enhancing them with advanced X-ray equipment for superb clarity of the heart while exposing the patient to minimal radiation. The clean uncluttered design of the room allows for flexibility to perform multiple types of electrophysiology and cardiovascular procedures. In these photographs, you can sense the cleanliness of the area and the fine detail of this new piece of equipment, to better serve the patients of Chester County Hospital. 

Axalta's 2015 Custom Finishes Calendar

As a part of Axalta's 2015 Custom Finishes calendar, I shot this 1937 Ford Coupe which was built and painted by the owner, Eddie Denkenberger of Superior Auto Works in Frederica, Delaware. One of the benefits of having a 35' x 20' x 11' tall egg cyclorama was being able to have this car drive right into the studio.  It was so much fun getting to explore all of the intricate details of this masterpiece.

Canine Partners for Life

Canine Partners for Life:  Working with these amazing dogs and the special people that train and care for them was the most fun I have had on a project in a long while. Taken for production of a printed brochure to help raise funding for expansion and improvement of facilities, each image will begin sections featuring programs and personal stories of the partnerships forged between these unique dogs and their special needs owners.