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Capture Company Culture

Company culture is important for recruiting new employees and clients; the best way to capture and display your company's culture is through professional photography. Happy employees at work and showcasing corporate facilities are some examples of positive company culture. Photographer Rick Davis has been shaping company cultures by photographing executives, from small businesses to large corporations, for over thirty years. Professional headshots can be the difference between getting or not getting the job or client to advance your career. Whether it be for web based content, social media or your companies annual report, every professional needs a headshot. Rick is an expert at capturing your best side, take a look at one of his most recent photoshoots with Guardian. 

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Fox Run Brands Photography

Fox Run is an online retailer selling cooking, baking and grilling tools for the kitchen, covering a wide range of name brands.

In his studio in West Chester, Rick created a series of photographs of the baking tools Fox Run Brands offers, featuring everything from spatulas, spoons and bowls to cutting boards, rolling pins and silicone cupcake holders. Vibrant colors of the cupcakes compliment the sleek marble pastry board; in addition to cupcakes, holiday and seasonal pies add texture to the images. Atop the pies are apliques appropriate for the winter and fall seasons.

The colors and textures of the products are perfectly captured by Rick with natural-looking light to highlight all the right facets of the cookware and baking accessories.