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Italian Curves Ahead!

Red Deno Sports Car Photography

I had the privilege of photographing some beautiful automobiles in studio just a bit ago. A Ferrari 330GT, a Dino 246GTS, and a Ferrari 550 Barchetta. Working with Anthony Sinnott from Scuderia Performante, and some of his best clients;  I created a number of images for coffee table books and decor of these fine Italian automobiles for his beautiful shop in Great Valley

If you or someone you know has a car that they love and love to show off, schedule some time with me for a photo shoot.  My eye as a long time car lover will help bring the story of your baby to life.  Capturing unique angles and playing with light to bring forth the power and grace inherent in your vehicle. 

Red Deno automotive photography
Deno Automotive Photography Steering Wheel Detail Shot
Tire Detail Shot Red Reno Automotive Photography



Meet Homie! I saw Homie talking on his cell phone during a custom motorcycle shoot for Pirelli Tires. He builds fantastic custom bikes and was profiled in the consumer ad we were shooting.

The way he so animatedly involved his entire body in his conversations just begged to be photographed.  I asked him to do his thing in the cyc with his phone.  The result was this awesome personality photos, put into banner format.



Throwback: Mud is more fun with Pirelli tires!

I made these images for Velocity Inc and Pirelli Tire way back in 2006 for a series of print ads and collateral.

Creative brief was simple: get me a bunch of killer photos that say traction and speed.

Did a number of stop motion flash setups and mud in your eye compositions.

Tree climbing for the overhead shot earned me a gold star!




Pump the Brakes!


Enthusiasm for all things cars is never in short supply here at Rick Davis Photographic.  That's why our recent project with Velocity Inc for SBS BrakePads was such a pleasure.  Working with Rob Hudepohl, Creative Director and an old colleague, to showcase the unique and state-of-the-art brake pads being made by SBS was right in our wheel-house (pun intended).  Selects from the shoot are shown here with the finished ad for motorcycle and power-sports publications . Thanks to our friends at Velocity and SBS for the opportunity to shoot these pads.  Hopefully we'll be able to test them on the track soon. 




"In Production" : Scuderia Performante

The latest production for Rick Davis Cine takes us to the state of the art Ferrari shop of Tony D and Anthony Sinnot, Scuderia Performante.  We've been shooting on location in Malvern with Tony and Anthony to get a feel for how they run their newly formed business.  Incorporating our skills in still and motion we are creating a unique branding film for the pair to display on their website and across social media platforms.  This film will showcase the services they offer and how their 44 years of combined experience make them uniquely well suited to care for Ferraris and other exotic automobiles.  You will get to know Tony and Anthony, who pride themselves on creating a 1 to 1 relationship with all of their clients, and see the passion they share for all things Italian auto.  Stay tuned!