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Clean Room | Medical Photography

The term “clean room” may evoke many a childhood memory. Channeling the days of chores and allowances, the very existence of one’s social status depended upon whether or not their bedroom floor was free from smelly piles of laundry. But for hospitals, this set of words takes “clean” to a whole new level.

A clean room is an enclosed, sterile area in which contaminates are heavily controlled, and in some instances completely eliminated, to ensure the tools being prepped there remain completely aseptic and free from germs. These rooms are used for packaging small surgical tools (scalpels, forceps, etc.) which go on to be used, in all their sanitary splendor, by trusted surgeons all across the globe.

This panorama depicts perfectly what an active clean room looks like. Sometimes done in multiple shots, a panorama stitches together images with slightly overlapping fields of view to produce one final image. Because of their long, rectangular shape, panoramas are often used as banners, both online and in print.