The studio is full service, located just south of West Chester, Pennsylvania, off US Route 202 and convenient to Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey,  2,000 sq ft of the 3,000 total makes up the shooting space, a large open area for creative process, with comfortable client space, fast WiFi, dressing room and kitchen.

Ideal for still life, product- both large and small, food assignments are simplified with a full comprehensive kitchen on the studio main floor. The hard plaster "old skool" egg cyclorama is the biggest in the Philadelphia, Delaware and Southern New Jersey area and at 35 ft. by 20 ft by 11 ft tall, it is perfect for car and motorcycle shoots, with ground level drive-in accessibility through the ten foot door. Photographing large products, group photos and fashion gigs are simple in this versatile space.

Parking at the studio is curbside and free. If staying over, lodging and food are top notch in and around town and Chester County in general.