The cyclorama is a versatile tool that only a few photographers have at their fingertips.
Ours is pretty special likely the largest egg cyclorama in the mid Atlantic region. Measuring 35 ft x 20 x 11 it has a five foot radius curve in corners, ceiling and floor and is in solid plaster.  It was built by Guy Long, best known for restoring the plaster work in 30th Street Station.  

Before the days of photoshop, perfect backgrounds were required and in the colors specified by the agency. We have painted the cyclorama many times over the years.  

It is perfect for product and still life projects as a background, surface and as a lighting instrument. The seamless surface is fantastic for subtle graduated highlights and controlled midtones as well as shadows for both large and small objects.

Gratz Industries, the recognized premier builder of Pilates exercise equipment, chose us to photograph their complete line and the cyclorama was one of the main determining factors in us winning the client. Light woods, brushed aluminum, stainless steel, leather and natural fleece could all be beautifully lit and filmed quickly and efficiently using the cyclorama. Very little retouching was required for enhancement.  The cyclorama is the right tool for the job of product photography.