The relationship between doctor and patient is one of the most unique we will encounter in our time here on earth.  From the most world-renowned surgeon to the first year med student, any medical professional will agree that an excellent rapport with patients is essential to success in the field of healthcare.

This touching moment between caregiver and patient was photographed on location at the Brandywine Center in Coatesville, PA. The mutual respect between these two men could be felt; it had such presence. In fact, the energy was so relaxed, I could almost hear this man’s heartbeat.

This photo can be seen on the ChesPenn Health Services website as part of the providers’ bios page. ChesPenn Health Services, one of four wellness driven facilities located within the Center for Family Health at Coatesville at Brandywine Center, provides medical care to low-income families and individuals who otherwise might not have these services available to them. 

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