Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work with Jonathan Male, a Principal and Executive Creative Director of REALITYRx, a global boutique specializing in healthcare communications. Together we created a series of images for NuTech®, a leading biologics and medical device company. NuTech is in a launch mode for Affinity®, the first and only fresh amniotic allograft which provides highly bioactive healing. Other allografts that we captured images for included NuCel®, an allograft derived from human amnion and amniotic fluid, which provides an enhanced environment for tissue growth, repair and healing. Another amniotic allograft we worked with is NuShieldTM, which is readily available due to its room temperature storage and long shelf life, and is widely used as a wound covering for soft tissue injuries, as well as a barrier for the protection of tendons, nerves and dura. Another innovation that we photographed is Matrix, an allograft known for its natural osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties. Matrix is a cancellous and demineralized cortical mixture derived from the same donor, which can be used as a bone void filler. 

Just an amazing new world.  Seemingly every project I do has an element that breaks the norm. It’s always exciting to see these innovations in the medical and healthcare industry up close and personal, talk to the product managers, experience their excitement and be part of a roll out of the next big thing.