When looking to showcase a product, professional photography is essential.  In order for your product to look its best you need a photographer that knows to ask the right questions.  First where will the shoot take place? On location shoots present a unique set of factors the photographer needs to take into consideration. In studio shoots are more easily controlled but also need to be properly staged to best display the product.  Location influences the type of lighting that will be used, whether it is a manipulation of the natural light within the space or high quality staged lighting, understanding the play of reflections and illumination is essential for capturing the best shot. The size of the product can greatly influence both location and lighting.  Here at Rick Davis Photographic we have the capability to light and shoot products that are minuscule or the size of cars.  According to the budget and creative direction of each project set dressing and props can be utilized to achieve the best look.

Recently, we did a product shoot for food storage containers.  The client required that the photos have the same look and feel that was used in an advertising campaign in Europe.  This influenced the styling of the shoot as well as the framing and content of the final shot.  Using props, studio lighting and a lens that gave depth of field allowed us to achieve the ideal shot.  As you can see, the final shot had room for copy while showcasing the product in its "natural" environment.  Our collaboration with a food stylist for this shot really brought it to life.  Our studio is equipped with a full kitchen which streamlines these types of shoots.  We produced this shot on time and on budget for a very happy client.