Through out the years we have had wonderful experiences working with creative directors, corporate communications teams and brand managers at Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and institutions in order to produce photos for their annual reports. Although each had a unique annual report to create and distribute one thing was the same no matter the client.  They needed images that suited the theme and creative goals of the project, top-quality photos created specifically for their needs.  While the allure of stock photos is omnipresent it is essential to create proprietary content for anything representing your brand.  Without proprietary photography the risk exists that a competitor could use the same photos as you for their promotional or internal communication materials.  Rick has the expertise and experience to provide a skilled and smooth production be it local or on the other side of the globe. Whatever your vision for your annual report, a partnership with Rick Davis Photographic ensures that the photos produced reflect the care, creativity and passion you have for your industry.